App Store Customer Reviews

Fantastic! ★★★★★
“The marina directory is great- no need to get the old book out anymore – it’s all here.”

Well designed, loads of good content ★★★★★
“I’ve been a fan of Boatie for a while, but this App knocks it out of the park. The weather is ace, the camera view (to find marinas) is clever and the knots are easy to follow and well drawn.”

Best sailing weather on an App by far ★★★★★
“The weather section is really, really good, better than any of the dedicated weather apps on the app store.”

Customer Emails

‎”The app is brilliant and definitely the best £4.99 I’ve ever spent on anything sailing related. Keep up the good work.”
- Ron Roberts

‎”‎If you have an iPhone, I would personally highly recommend this App, It’s a nautical almanac which covers everywhere you’re likely to go, giving all the information you normally find in a book, but without having to wade through pages”
- Dave, YBW Forum Post


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