Welcome to Our Tutorials Section

We have at The Waypoint always been passionate about Simplicity, it’s a key mantra of ours as Technology can’t be fun if you’re constantly scratching your head in a state of confusion.

In fact we sat down to develop this Application, we were set on making it one of the easiest to use Nautical Apps out there – we made the buttons big, as we assumed you’ll have a waterproof case on, we made the fonts as large as possible because you probably don’t want to put on your glasses and we tried to make it easy as possible to navigate because you may need the information quickly or you might have your hands full.

However, just incase we have failed you, we produced this section to help explain the more complex parts of the App.

If you have any questions or suggestions to make the App easier to use, please do make sure you let us know, either by our Email or Feedback section.


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