How to set Favourites

By adding favourites it becomes very easy to navigate quickly back to the places that you visit most often. Currently you are able to set both Marinas and Weather locations, in future updates you’ll also be able to favourites Tides and Knots too. Let’s take a look at how to add a Marina.

Adding a Marina

Firstly find a marina profile that you would like to save, this could be one that you plan to visit or  it could be your home marina, it doesn’t matter. Now that you are on the profile half way down the screen you’ll see a hollow star shape on the right of the book button. tapping this star will now make it a full star in blue, You have now successfully saved this profile!

Add a Marina to Favourites

Tap the star to add this marina to your favourites

A marina set as favourite

Once a marina profile has been set as a favourite the star will fill with blue

Adding a Weather Location

Adding a weather location as a favourite is as simple as the marina profile above, this time the star is in the top right of the screen. Tapping the star will cause it to fill with blue and will now appear above all other weather options on the weather menu as well as the favourite section.

To favourite a Weather location tap the blue star

To favourite a Weather location tap the blue star in the top right of the screen

Weather Favourite selected

The Star will fill with blue once selected


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